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These brochures are designed to be easy to download and print from your home computer. They are two sided, tri-fold in grayscale so a color printer is not needed.

To print both sides, if your printer does not automatically print two-sided, download the PDF file. Open the file and print page 1*. Put it back into the paper tray (face up or face down depending on your particular printer; check the manual for your printer) and print again. Print extras for your friends and family.


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Inside View

2013 Recovery Month Essay Contest: In My Own Words...

Vertex Patient Assistance for Incivek 855-837-8394 | www.incivek.com

Genentech Patient Assistance for
Pegasys & Copegus
| 888-941-3331

Merck Patient Assistance for Victrelis Peglntron & Rebetol

Johnson & Johnson Patient
Assistance Foundation

800-652-6227 | www.jjpaf.org

Olysio Support (Medicare Excluded)
855-5-OLYSIO | www.olysio.com

Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation for underinsured patients 866-316-PANF | www.panfoundation.org

Gilead Patient Assistance for Sovaldi
855-769-7284 | www.mysupportpath.com

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